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Shield App: Force Analytics, Officer Safety

Stay connected. Stay safe. Centinel’s Shield App is compatible with iOS and Android devices to ensure accessibility for all officers. Our application was built from the ground up by law enforcement experts with the goal of optimizing the capabilities of existing camera technology, both in the field and at headquarters. The Shield App allows officers to easily report critical engagements in real time to your portal, capturing important metadata, and transferring them into advanced analytics for both the community and the full spectrum of your deployment.

To prevent any potential abuse, Shield allows for an audited device history log. Shield is also responsible for letting the portal know that the Shield Police Gun Camera is functioning at unique intervals to the department – providing the device is on, linked to a specific profile, and has a sufficient battery level.


  • IOS / Android compatible
  • Officer-Specific Login & Authentication
  • Scalable Metadata for analysis
  • Remote Device Health Check (i.e. Battery level, usage trail, etc.)
  • Eliminates need for cradle charging
  • Unique user ID linked to agency credentials
  • In-Depth Use of Force report capabilities
  • Never saves locally


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