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Centinel Solutions

At Centinel Solutions, we build end-to-end hardware and software for law enforcement applications worldwide. We the leading providers of the only CJIS police gun camera, Centinel Shield Police Gun Camera. Our approach is based on fulfilling the true needs of law enforcement, in the field and in the headquarters. We provide smart, common sense solutions to what community and law enforcement want and need.

Our Mission

The future-proof Centinel Solutions Shield Suite cuts down on the intricacies involved with implementing camera systems for law enforcement. Our reactive data capturing and storage methods allow officers to focus on protecting the community and not be distracted by other intricate recording devices. The easy-to-use Shield platform lets all facets of your organization analyze video capture, increase officer safety, and manage files in a scalable and intuitive fashion.

The Shield Platform

The Centinel Solutions Shield Suite is a highly intuitive, scalable, and simple platform of connected camera devices combining the most advanced technologies with rugged hardware. Shield allows your department to offer transparency without compromising officer safety.