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Centinel Solutions, provider of the first-ever encrypted Shield™ firearm mounted camera and network sensor system, today announced further enhancements to its Shield App. Currently, the Centinel Solutions system is patent-pending and the only commercially available end-to-end solution that provides law enforcement agencies an unobstructed first-person point of view every time an officer draws their weapon.

By incorporating proprietary Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication protocols, the Centinel Solutions system — Shield Camera, Shield App and Shield Portal — offers in-depth use-of-force reporting. These new features allow law enforcement the ability to track and upload additional metadata for escalations in use of force.

Additionally, the Shield App is optimized with the latest sensor-based technology to provide law enforcement with complete situational awareness to sync with body cameras, in-car video systems, mobile video applications, and other intelligent devices that work together to deliver the best possible perspective and evidentiary value — all while keeping the officer safe and focused on handling the situation.

“Adding these enhancements to the Centinel Solutions system, allows any law enforcement agency the ability to drive interoperability for all types of police cameras to help increase accountability, transparency, and improve community relations,” said Max Kramer, CEO of Centinel Solutions. “We strive to innovate and create the most technologically sound investment for the law enforcement community, while helping agency leaders manage the public’s expectations. When creating this system, we wanted to ensure whenever a firearm is drawn, there is not only a video, but an accompanying data trail to help manage standards and expectation.”

“The Centinel Solutions firearm mounted camera system offers a critical and invaluable element of officer-involved use of force,” said Robert Khedouri, Co-Founder of Centinel Solutions. “By supplementing available evidence with a first-person perspective and advanced recording and storage capabilities, the Shield Camera provides unobstructed video of the perceived threat during an incident for law enforcement officers, local communities and the criminal justice system. What’s more, this solution activates automatically upon removal of a weapon from the holster, ensuring that recording starts at the most critical moment and automatically signaling a potential use of force via the network, while also limiting extraneous or unnecessary recordings that may impinge on community privacy or needlessly drive up storage costs. The balance we have struck allows officers to focus on the task at hand, not on the questions of when or if to record.”

Centinel Solutions Shield App is compatible with iOS and Android devices to ensure accessibility for all officers. Its application was built from the ground up with insight from law enforcement experts with the goal of optimizing the capabilities of existing camera technology, both in the field and at headquarters. The Shield App allows officers to easily report critical engagements in real time to the Shield Portal, capturing important metadata, and transferring it into advanced analytics for both the community and the full spectrum of police agencies.

As technology evolves, the Centinel Solutions Shield Portal remains the front-runner in developing common sense, state-of-the-art management resources for law enforcement. The future-proof Shield Portal allows law enforcement to organize evidence and analyze metadata more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

“As public expectations demand improvements in how police use of force is documented and reviewed, the Centinel Solutions system offers the best solution for recording what an officer really sees during a critical encounter,” says Ron Brooks, retired Assistant Chief with the California Department of Justice and Past President (for 16 years) of the National Narcotic Officers’ Associations’ Coalition. “In his experience, traditional body cameras often fail to record what the officer sees because the camera view is blocked when the officer takes cover or the officer’s head and gun arm swivel to address a threat while the torso mounted camera remains stationary, failing to catch the critical seconds of a critical encounter.”

The Shield Portal offers all of the traditional features of the most advanced management systems at a fraction of the cost. Leveraging the leading cloud technology systems, and strategic partners, the simple-to-use Shield Portal will expand the horizon of law enforcement capabilities by providing officers and commanders with advanced data-drilling and analytics features connected to the Shield Camera device. And unlike other systems, Centinel Solutions is about evidentiary video, not bulk data.

Brooks added, “The Centinel Solutions system offers that ‘final mile’ of documentation with robust backend analytics to support the documentation and review of the video captured by Centinel’s camera.”

To learn more about Centinel Solutions and its police gun camera, please visit CentinelSolutions.com.

About Centinel Solutions
Centinel Solutions provides law enforcement, security, and military agencies the first-ever, patent-pending, firearm mounted camera end-to-end encrypted solution that offers clarity and support to law enforcement agencies. The Centinel Solutions system allows for an unobstructed first-person point of view of officer-involved shootings at the moment that view matters most, without the limitations commonly found with other police-issued camera technology. Centinel Solutions products are developed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States of America. For more information about Centinel Solutions and its firearm mounted camera, please visit CentinelSolutions.com or call 646-205-1269.

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