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Introducing the Shield Police Gun Camera

The Centinel Solutions Shield Suite includes three innovative technologies that work together to increase police accountability and transparency and improve community relations.

Better Community

Force Reduction
Amid increasing police brutality allegations and community distrust, Centinel Solutions aims to restore faith in law enforcement. According to the University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology, body-worn cameras reduce use-of-force incidents by 59% and citizen grievances by 88%. With its supplementary advanced technology, the Shield Police Gun Camera has the potential to surpass these results in critical situations.


Our tamper-proof suite of devices ensures that all officer-involved shootings are accurately recorded and secured. Not only does the Shield Police Gun Camera provide a clearer vantage point for capturing the nuances of a use-of-force event, but the Shield App and Shield Portal work together to systematically transcribe important force developments for future analysis. This to-the-second data is invaluable when evaluating the events of an officer-involved shooting and serves to foster true transparency between police officers and the communities they protect.


Reduce Cost
The Centinel Shield Suite reduces costs for law enforcement by both reducing lawsuit fees and reducing footage data storage costs. A study conducted in Hayward, CA found that worn body-cameras reduce the costs related to the defense or resolution of claims and lawsuits, as well as reduce paid liability by 25-50% in lawsuits alleging excessive force. On top of that, the Centinel Shield Police Gun Camera only records the most relevant and crucial moments of use-of-force events – drastically reducing secure storage costs for police departments.


The Centinel Solutions Shield Suite was designed with police accountability in mind. By providing a clearer picture of use-of-force events, the Shield system creates a new standard for both the citizen and the law enforcement officer. In critical situations, the facts are important – we don’t think they should be left to chance. Our meticulous recording and storage system ensures that every important detail of a use-of-force event is available for analysis.

About Us

Centinel Solutions is a United States technologies company that develops end-to-end hardware and software for law enforcement applications worldwide. We work with law enforcement and community stakeholders to develop practical and effective technologies to meet the public’s needs. The Centinel Solutions Shield Suite provides true clarity and support for law enforcement during officer-involved shootings.

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